Reflections (various dates)

Reflections are one of my favorite things to photograph, whether it’s something reflecting in water (be it as large as a lake or as small as a puddle) or in another surface.  To me, it gives another perspective and can even feel like getting a glimpse into an alternate reality.

I am sure people wonder what I’m doing when I stare at a puddle (or, stranger still, a shop or office window, especially those above ground level), trying to find just the right angle with my camera or phone. In fact, someone did ask me about it while I was taking one of the photos in this album. I pointed out the reflection, which he hadn’t noticed. He tried it for himself and seemed to enjoy the creativity of looking at the scene in a different way. I took a picture for him of him and his brother reflecting in the water and he got a kick out of it.

The photos below range from puddles in my neighborhood to US locations to locations in Europe and Japan.

2015 and later (most recent first)

2011 – 2014 (oldest first)

2010 and earlier (oldest first)