London at Night (2017)

Night photography, particularly techniques like motion blur and zoom effects, has always interested me and I have dabbled in it from time to time. But I have never really taken the time to go out and experiment with it for one reason or another (including the need to schlep a tripod).

When I was planning my trip to London, I remembered seeing so many cool photos of the landmarks at night and wanted to dive in.  So I took a Westminster-area night photography workshop/tour with a company called Photography Tours At Night (this is the specific tour: – the instructor, Katrina, was excellent and I highly recommend them). If I had more time there, I would have taken another one of their tours.

My DSLR isn’t in the best of shape these days (the dial to select things like aperture and shutter speed is not working properly), which leaves me more inclined to just use my phone (which is also more weatherproof) more often than not. But maybe it’s time for a new one…