Pátio Dom Fradique, Lisbon (2017)

Pátio Dom Fradique is down the way from Castelo de São Jorge. The remains of the Cerca Velha wall are here. Artists have transformed some of this space into an outdoor gallery for their creations. One artist in particular, by the name of Julio, transforms trash into artistic creations. This page is primarily the 3-dimensional works. The wall art can be found mostly on my Lisbon Street Art (2017) page.

I was both fascinated and a little scared by the exhibit. The area really did look like something that would be the setting for the opening scene of an episode of Criminal Minds, particularly the ruins of the building. In addition to the sculptural works here, there was more graffiti in the ruined building, some doll heads adorning the wall (along with an entreaty from the artist for donations) and a creepy teddy bear hanging out of a window. Two girls were exploring the area and went into the ruins. When they came down, I asked them and they said it was scary to go in there.