Fade in…

Scene – it’s 5:40am, our protagonist is sound asleep.

Suddenly, razor sharp claws penetrate the protagonist’s foot. She bolts awake, sitting upright with a loud yelp. A stream of profanity follows, punctuated occasionally by the name “Elsa.”

The camera pans to the foot of the bed where a brown  demon with glowing eyes sits with a menacing grin.

The protagonist blinks and looks again to see an innocent-looking brown cat looking at the protagonist quizzically, wondering why the protagonist just shouted her name and flung profanity at her.

The protagonist lies back down, glaring at the cat.

Protagonist: “leave my damn feet alone, Elsa. I’m trying to sleep.”

As the protagonist drifts back to sleep, the cat coalesces back into the glowing-eyed demon and lets out an evil little chuckle.

Fade out…